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Jonathan Fowler, MEd, DCSc

Dr. Fowler is founder and technical lead, currently serving as CEO. He has been in the data/analytics field since 2007. His background in the humanities gives him a unique perspective on data analytics as narrative, and experience in education as a teacher and counselor help bring a nurturing mindset to the business.

He has served as sole or lead analytics developer in the fields of consumer product goods, manufacturing, banking, law, human resources, and IT managed services. He has worked at both the team lead and individual contributor role in data engineering, data integration, predictive analytics, and data visualization. He has acted as an outsourced Chief Data Officer for implementing company data strategies.

Always an educator, Dr. Fowler has taught at the graduate level for analytics and data science, and has published multiple papers in the field. The training modules delivered in this platform are informed by Dr. Fowler’s original curricula for courses taught through Northeastern University, Brandeis University, USC Upstate, Wofford College, Texas A&M, and analytics bootcamps.

Dr. Fowler holds a D.C.Sc. in Big Data Analytics from Colorado Technical University, M.Ed., and B.A. in English from Clemson University. His doctoral research was the early core of the LDIS+™ Analytics Impact Framework, now the Kulturătă Data Quotient.

Jonathan Fowler, MEd, DCSc
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