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Premiere services that aim to increase your ROI, Employee Rentention, and growth through trusted resources

Kulturata bridges the gap between your data team and your human resources team.

Employee Engagement

If your employees are empowered to create, interpret and understand the data that surrounds them, it results in a sense of empowerment and the ability to directly impact the business.  It lends purpose to the work, and meaningful work drives engagement.

Digital Transformation Success

About to embark on a digital transformation project? Don't go in blind.

Outsourced Chief Data Officer

If data is a key part of your business -- and it is, regardless of industry -- it should be represented in the C-suite. We can get you started.

The Kulturata Data Quotient (KDQ)

With the KDQ, we can start to understand how the same data across the organization can be seen, used, and interpreted differently. The good news is that most everyone is alike more than they are different. But we must understand these similarities and differences to enable a cohesive data culture.

What we do

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