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There is no arguing that the American workplace and workforce have been substantially altered by the events of the last few years. People at all career levels are rethinking their priorities in light of the devastating effects of Covid. As a result, people are choosing work options that enhance life balance or allow schedule flexibility.   


The traditional lifelong devotion to one or two companies over the span of a career is largely a thing of the past. This remains an employee’s market and companies are doing their best to attract and retain the necessary talent, even if for only a few years. Now companies are not only competing with other companies to win and keep workers, they are also competing with many work options that were largely unheard of before. As a result, employers must  be more diligent than ever to provide workplace opportunities for engagement and fulfillment that lead to retention.  


Traditional engagement and retention plans have focused largely on competitive compensation, relevant benefits and elevating company culture. But for this market, often that isn’t enough. Companies have to dig deep to look for cards to play in today’s engagement game.

Data Culture = Company Culture.

The current workforce has access to more data and information than any in the history of the world.  They are comfortable interacting with instantaneous data and information,  and instantly providing and receiving feedback on any topic or event.  They are not only comfortable with it, they have grown to expect it.  

How do these information-savvy employees create and respond to the data in your information based workplace? What do they expect from it?   Is it relevant, timely, easily obtained, and open to immediate feedback?  Are your employees aware that they control the flow and accuracy of information upon which critical business decisions are made?

If your employees are empowered to create, interpret and understand the data that surrounds them, it results in a sense of empowerment and the ability to directly impact the business.  It lends purpose to the work, and meaningful work drives engagement.

Quantifying Culture

How do you go about maximizing the relationship between your data-savvy employees and your data-driven company? By asking questions and building data culture strategies right alongside your employees.

The KDQ process intensely examines the relationship between your employees and your data and uncovers opportunities for improvement, assesses training needs, provides feedback from the people who use it most, and analyzes the quality of information going into and coming out of your employee data engagements.

Promoting employee engagement doesn’t always come as a result of playing in a competitive market, Often, it comes simply from looking within and providing to them the professional purpose they long for.

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